Bricks are the strength or foundation of a building while construction. Here, we will discuss one more type of brick which is “Awwal Bricks”, it’s advantages, its process and life span. We, Brickwalls are here to provide you with the basic insights of types of bricks and what to choose or what to not for your dream constructions.

  • Cement life of Awwal bricks continuous for 50-60 years if walls don’t experience seepage.
  • These bricks are easily available and mostly used for any type of construction.
  • Awwal bricks heated and fired at a very high temperature to bind the mixture and to maintain its quality.
  • As Chatka Bricks, Awwal bricks are also water, air and pollution resistant.
  • These types of bricks are majorly used to made or construct walls.
  • Awwal bricks constructed walls have a life span of 120-150 years. If they are used with good level layer of cement then their life can be expanded for a few more good years.
  • These bricks can be used to make or construct any type of plain floors.
  • Awwal bricks are made rectangular in shape and do absorb less water than any other brick.

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