Bricks are the building blocks used to construct or to make walls, pavements and other elements. We have ever wondered there are so many types of construction bricks which are used for different purposes and made with different methods for different occasions sometimes. If not, We Brickwalls will make your concepts clear regarding “Chatka Bricks” 

  • Chatka Bricks are ignited at a very high temperature for the best results and strength.
  • These bricks are solid in shape and are water, air and pollution resistant.
  • While construction of walls or house, Chatka Bricks do not require cement.
  • This brick is more strong and strengthful than normal bricks aka “Eent”
  • These bricks are strong and contain a maximum level of strength that you can use it 5-6 times after breaking the wall too.
  • These bricks are commonly used in the construction of factory surface, workstation flooring and Godown flooring.
  • Chatka bricks have a life span of 170-200 years.
  • These bricks absorb less water and give strength to the construction.
  • These bricks are also used to build the foundation of house or villas to provide it strength from roots and helps to bind the construction for years.
  • Constructors also use Chatka bricks to make multi-story buildings, because if the foundation will be strong then buildings will stay bonded for years.

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