Kaccha Peera is considered as a easily available bricks which can be afforded by any class. Here, we will introduce a budget friendly brick which is “Kaccha Peera Brick”. We, Brickwalls are here to provide you with the basic insights of types of bricks and what to choose or what to not for your dream constructions.

  • Kaccha Peera is water, air and pollution resistant.
  • These bricks are easily available for medium to lower class people.
  • Kaccha Peera is majorly used for constructing shelter homes, Jhuggi’s or slum areas.
  • These bricks are not considered as much stronger than other bricks, boundaries or walls constructed with these bricks are easily breakable.
  • Majorly people use these bricks to construct a temporary wall or boundaries.
  • For bricks layering process of Kaccha Peera bricks, the soil is used for binding instead of cement.
  • These are bricks are weaker, low in cost and uses soil instead of cement due to this the construction cost comes out very much less than other constructions.
  • The life cycle of these bricks is 50-80 years.
  • Cement life used for the bricks is 20-40 years.
  • Kaccha Peera bricks are good water absorbers that’s why they are used to construct drains, sewer tanks etc.

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