Bricks are the building blocks, without them construction or any development project is not possible. That’s why we always try to develop strong bricks with their own USP which can multitask at any conditions with a greater life.Here, we will discuss one more type of brick which is “Pakka Peera”, it’s advantages, its process and life span. We, Brickwalls are here to provide you with the basic insights of types of bricks and what to choose or what to not for your dream constructions.

  • These bricks are less stronger than Awwal Bricks but develop a good hold over cement.
  • These bricks are commonly used to make roof or lenter.
  • Pakka Peera bricks are considered as the best bricks for construction of walls.
  • People majorly use Pakka Peera bricks to construct safety tanks or water tanks because they are good water absorbents.
  • These bricks come with the life span of 120-150 years.
  • Pakka Peera bricks are also used as a connector or fillers at the time of pillar construction to maintain a strong bond.
  • These bricks can be used to make or construct any type of plain floors.
  • cement life for these bricks is 35-45 years.

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